Apr 2, 2014

afternoon in the garden

It is officially autumn here, has been for a month now, but it is still pretty hot. And humid.  I'm well ready for some cooler weather.

I herded the kids outside this afternoon.  Truthfully because I'd spent the whole day cleaning and wanted to keep it as crumb and muck free as possible.   Here is a little look at some of the things we saw.

The red-est ladybug I've ever seen.

A humungous boulder like mushroom with cool markings.

A little hiding mushroom.

The guava starting to ripen despite how many the possums have obviously been eating.

And this beautiful boy lying on the rug taking all the cuddles (and abuse) Amelie can dish out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what adventures are to be had in the back yard!

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