Mar 13, 2014

sponsored post - Palmolive Divine Blends

I've developed a bit of a system lately.  As a stay at home mum I find it easy to get side tracked.  A few play dates, a coffee, lots of sewing and my week is gone and the house is a mess. So I developed a schedule for myself.  It means the house is cleaner and I get more done.  I think like any job the role of mother and house keeper needs structure.

Monday now is floor day.  I tidy the toys in the lounge room and in the kids bedrooms then vacuum the house and wash the floors.  I like doing it on Monday as I then get to enjoy it for the whole week basically on my own and once the weekend is finished it's well and truly due again.

Tuesday is bathroom day.  This is one of my least favourite jobs as the main bathroom is the only unrenovated place left in our house.  It is really uninspiring and I'm terribly guilty of just letting it slide as I can't face the dated and pokey space.  But no longer!  Every Tuesday it gets cleaned as well as the toilet and little powder room.  Beautiful!  And it doesn't look half as bad once it's clean.

Unfortunately there are always the jobs that need to be done every day - the washing up and the laundry.  I don't mind washing clothes although (as my husband will confirm) I am hopeless at folding them up and putting them away.

The washing up however has become less of a chore since I was sent a bottle of Palmolive Divine Blends Vanilla & Berries to try out.  Think of a lush, beautifully perfumed body wash you might buy for yourself - and then turn it into a dishwashing liquid.  Dishwashing liquid was never something I'd given much thought to but this stuff is really yummy.  A huge 700ml bottle costs just $4.99 RRP and you really only need a tiny squirt to ensure a huge sink full of scrummy bubbles.  Don't do what I did the first time and slosh in a ton of it because you'll wind up with more bubbles than you know what to do with!  You really only need a tiny squirt (as per the instructions on the bottle :)  Not only does it smell delicious but it cuts through grease like nobodies business.

Now this is a sponsored post for Palmolive and Digital Parents Collective but the opinions expressed here are totally my own.

Would you like to try a bottle of Palmolive Divine Blends for yourself?  First three (3) people to leave a comment on this post will be sent a full sized bottle each.  Open to Australian residents only.

Thanks to those who entered. :)


Unknown said...

I would love to give this a try!! I like the way you have a plan/programme!!

Jasmine1485 said...

I hope I've gotten here in time :)

Anonymous said...

Hey?! I commented on this where's my comment? Although it was about getting my Aussie friends to enter since I can't!

In The Good Books Blog said...

Ooh yes please, I hope I am not too late!

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