Mar 7, 2014

gifts for school friends -art folio

Little Guy has his first birthday parties of the year this weekend.  Last year I had a strict rule (mostly for myself). No more than  $10 and I only bought books.  I think kids can never have too many books and you can get a great selection for not much money.  This year as part of my handmade gift challenge I decided to try and think of gifts I could make for the kids for around the same budget and from materials I already have.

Most 6 year olds I know love to draw or write or colour so I thought a little 'art folio' would be a nice step up from a normal pencil roll.  Perfect for taking on trips or just for every day use.

All I had to buy was a packet of pencils and a notepad for each.  All the rest of the materials I already had in my stash.

I've made two for this weekend's parties and think this will be my go to gift for classmates this year.


Doreen said...

Looks great. Lovely when you can find a project that is so practical and uses up your stash. I love maki g my knitting bags for presents in much the same way.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! They'd be great for kids on planes and in hotels too!

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