Mar 5, 2014

do you bake?

I love a homemade baked good.  Although I'm a wee bit lazy.  I like one bowl, hand mix only kinda things.  If I have to wash up multiple bowls and the electric beaters.... too much like hard work ;) Oh and I like basic recipes for which I already have the ingredients in the pantry.   No fancy things like sour cream or buttermilk.

I came across this website the other day.  An absolute plethora of baked goodies.  These carrot cake muffins are TO DIE FOR. (Even without the frosting).  Even after I reduced the sugar by half and used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.    And I didn't put nuts in as our school is a nut free zone.   I've made them twice now in a week. Really flavoursome and light.  I keep a few aside for us to eat and wrap the rest up and freeze for lunch boxes.

These biscuits have been doing the rounds of the Internet and I must say I make a batch every couple of weeks.   So handy to keep a few flavours in the freezer to take to afternoon play dates or if we have someone over for morning tea.  Only takes 10 minutes and you have fresh biscuits.  Easier than  running to the shop (especially with a 2yo in tow).

Pikelets are always on high rotation here, both plain and banana flavoured.  Next up for a treat I want to try this Chocolate Banana Bread.

Got any other good recipes I need to try?


~ Kim ~ said...

I bake using store bought cake packets because I am very time poor (ahem, unorganised). I love Aldi's banana bread. I try not to bake if I have to cream butter and sugar, urghhh. Also, the fat goes straight to my belly and I have to work it off. I love the Taste website though and I think I've got a box of orange and poppy seed cake from White Wings. You can't go wrong with them. I've seen some recipes from Joy of baking. Might have a look around, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did you say you're a bit lazy? Oh Bree! What would that make the rest of us?!

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