Mar 28, 2014

Chihuly Garden and Glass - Seattle WA

I know this post is a little behind the times but I FINALLY got around to sorting out all our holiday photos last night.  I'd done a lot of research about Seattle before we left, having never been there before, wanting to cram in as much as possible and especially because we had the smalls in tow.

Chihuly Garden and Glass came up trumps on most lists of 'must see' attractions in Seattle.  And although glass isn't strictly kid friendly I thought they might enjoy it and there was no way I was missing it.  I love glass and I love flowers.  Enough said.

On every level this attraction pleased.  It was a little hairy with kids in tow but there were four of us and four of them so we kind of had them covered.  They were well behaved inside and there was enough bright colours and stuff to look at to keep them satisfied.  The rooms are all lit at a low level with lights specifically lighting up each piece which seems to make the glass 'glow'.  Outside in the Garden the children could stretch their legs and roam a bit more freely (within reason of course - the Garden is still full of glass among the real plants).

We visited with friends who had been to Seattle several times but had never visited Chihuly.  Everyone loved it and agreed it was well worth a visit.  The location is great too - set just at the foot of the Space Needle and in the same precinct as the Pacific Science Centre and the EMP Museum.  There are great passes you can buy which include admission to most of these attractions but I won't bore you here with the details.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos.  And yes it was THAT beautiful.

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Ana said...

I agree. A must see in Seattle.

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