Dec 17, 2013

surprise backyard makeover!

While we were away my in-laws very kindly offered to house sit for us - mainly to mind our dogs.  We also chatted about the possibility of my father-in-law starting work on a retaining wall that has been pending since our renovations 2 years ago.  We had agreed on a basic design but weren't sure how much he'd be able to do in the time we were away.  

Our backyard suffered a bit during the renovation with heavy machinery driving all over it and general junk being dumped everywhere.  We had tidied it up a bit but it still wasn't very kid friendly.  The yard also is quite slopey so lacked really usable space for swings and ball play. 

What we returned home to was nothing short of spectacular.  Not only had the retaining wall been built but the yard had been terraced, new garden beds built, a cubby house built around our guava tree and beautiful soft turf coming.  

Before - we have rubble and a little bit of grass

During - the building and filling and sculpting phase

the builder's helper
the builder hard at work

fill incoming
basics done of the cubby and the terraces in place

What we saw when we arrived home

beautiful level terraces with topsoil ready for turf

 After the turf arrived

working on the design for the cubby

three generations (plus two furry helpers) frantically working in the dying light last night to finish the cubby

and it's done!  everyone enjoying their new hideout

We were blown away by the scale of the renovation that they had been able to achieve.  Suffice to say we are two very happy adults, two very happy kids and two very happy dogs!

Thanks Nana and Grandad!


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

It looks awesome Bree! The kids must love their new cubby!

~ Kim ~ said...

Fabulous. What a wonderful surprise. The kids will enjoy their tree cubby space. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

When would they like to come and stay at our house?

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