Sep 15, 2013

tutorial - pom pom puffy heart

Everyone loves a pom pom and with their popularity on everything from clothing to cushions to rugs at the moment I thought it would be fun to create a project using them. This project is also suitable for crafters of all ages and skill levels.


Pom poms - homemade ones are best for this as you need the tail threads to tie them on with.
Plastic cross stitch/ tapestry material or canvas latch hook material. (Easily available at craft shops)
Yarn to make the pom poms.
Optional - pom pom maker


Make your pom poms leaving 2 long tail threads ( you would normally cut these threads off once the pom pom was tied up).

Cut your backing material to desired shape - in this case a heart.

Thread the tails of the pom poms through the material to the back of your project and tie securely.

Fill out your design with the require number of pom poms. Place them as close together or as far apart depending on the look you are after.

Once completed trim the back and if desired back with some fabric or cardboard.

You can scale this project up to make a rug or use tiny pom poms to embellish a notebook or for a small wall hanging.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

That is really cute! The shape possibilities are endless!

Unknown said...

I love this! But now would be the wrong time to tell you that I don't know how to make Pom poms, right?


Tatkis said...

Such a cute Pompom heart! Thanks for the tutorial!


Max said...

what a lovely little project! i love the idea of a pom pom rug too!

Christina Lowry said...

Oooh, you could make pom pom letters too! What a clever idea. Super cute too. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh pom pom letters is a great idea Christina!

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