Sep 1, 2013

father's day craft

Father's day here today in Australia. I received an order a few weeks ago for custom made daddy and baby beanies and matching scarves. In red and black - the dad's favourite team colours. After unsuccessfully looking in my large local supply shop I ordered 2 balls each of red and black from Bendigo Woollen Mill.

Whilst I'm not a bad knitter I'm not super fast so the scarves took me a littlw while to do. I was starting to get nervous as the deadline approached, especially when I realised that the date this year fell on 1st of September, not the following weekend.

Then our whole family caught a nasty bug and I wasn't able to do anything for a whole week. That left me a week to go with the scarves needing their finishing touches and 2 beanies not started. I warned my friend that the beanies might not make it on time. She was fine with that. It's not really beanie weather here anyway!

But then last week with just a few days to go I had a huge swell of energy and I motored through crocheting the two beanies and on Friday I made the pom poms, sewed them onto the top and delivered them to the very excited mummy and daughter with a day to spare.

This morning I received a text with this very cute photo of father and daughter in their matching gear.

1 comment:

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, love that the set was for a father and daughter! How cute and special is that? :)

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