Jul 14, 2013

paper doily bunting tutorial

Bunting is all the rage at the moment as is anything that is 'granny chic'. This paper doily bunting is a perfect craft activity to do with kids, especially if you are a bit 'craft challenged'. It's relatively low mess and doesn't involve any power tools, paint or messy stuff. Perfect for festive occasions or just for a bit of fun decorating.

I hope you enjoy and would love to see your finished bunting.


Paper doilies
Sticky tape or staples
Colouring pencils or crayons or stamps or stickers for decoration


If you want to decorate your doily bunting you need to do that first.
Fold each doily in half and then decorate one or both sides. You need to fold them before decorating otherwise your design will get cut in half by the fold.

Now once all your doilies are decorated (or not) and folded, cut a piece of twine suitable for where you want to hang it. Consider if you want the bunting to hang straight or loosely. Leave enough to make a loop at each end if you are going to loop it over something – such as a curtain rod.

Now you need to decide how you want your doilies spaced – all close together or with a bit of a gap in between? This will also decide how many of your doilies you need to use.

Next you need to attach the doilies to the twine, this will stop them sliding up and down or falling off. You can do this in a couple of different ways. (Once again this is where you might need to let Mum help). You can either staple the doily to the twine (making sure your staple catches both doily and twine to hold it in place). Or you can put a little bit of sticky tape on the side.

Or (now this is the trickiest way but looks the best) you can use double sided sticky tape or wind normal sticky tape inside out around your twine (so the sticky is on the outside) and then press your doily over the top.

Ta dah! Some pretty doily bunting!

1 comment:

Christina Lowry said...

Snap! I have a packet of these paper doilies for just the same purpose. I had meant to make some paper bunting for Emerson's first birthday (which was in February...) but her second birthday will do just as nicely I think! :)

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