Feb 20, 2013

giant floor doily

I have been so busy and doing so many things and so neglectful of my dear blog.

Here are some snaps of a gorgeous rug I created in the style of a doily. Made using two colours of Zpaghetti yarn. 

This rug is still for sale so let me know if you'd like it before it gets snapped up.(sold)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree
I am hoping you can email or post the pattern you taught us recently for the crochet flower at Side Street Vintage. I have attempted to make another but it's not quite right.

Unknown said...

Hi Leisa I have sent it through to Tracey to email out but if you'd like to email me I can forward it to you. Alternatively have a look at
http://www.flushedwithrosycolour.com/2012/10/four-round-doily-free-pattern.html which is the pattern I adapted

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bree, I will have a look at the link but could you also email me. How can I send you my contact details?

Unknown said...

Email me at meandmy2guys@gmail.com :)

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