Jan 17, 2013

paint box baby blanket

Helloo! Sorry I've been a bit slack in the blogging department. I forget sometimes between the Facebook and instagram and real life that I have this space to atrend to as well. I have been crafting up a storm and of course had the little Guy on holidays before he starts Prep in 12 days! Eek! How can I be the mum of a school aged child? Anyway last week 2 of our sets of friends had their first babies. Both girls. So I'm powering along trying to finish their baby blankets in record time. Because you know too many projects are never enough. I bought the yarn for these blankets a couple of months ago and had been tossing ideas around in my head. I wanted to try some larger single colour granny squares and didn't want to have the hassle of joining 100 squares at the end. This join as you go method works well and takes some of the hassle out of using granny squares. I'll do a couple more rows and then a white border around the whole thing.


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