Jan 27, 2013

cute crochet heart - tutorial

I started mucking around today trying to work out a cute little heart crochet motif. This is just a very simple motif and tutorial but would look very nice attached to a Valentine's day present or just as a little token for someone special. I think a pretty garland of hearts and stars would look cute for a little girl's room too. I am using UK crochet terms here and I'm not going to take step by step photos at this stage. Please let me know if you would like more photos. I used a 4.5mm hook with 8ply (DK) yarn. It also works with twine ;) Chain 4 and slip stitch to form a ring. Chain 3 (counts as first triple crochet) and then form 10 more tr's in the ring (11 spokes all up) Single crochet into the first space between the tr's (spokes) (all stitches are worked into the spaces between the spokes) 8 tr's into the next space (it's squishy but they fit) Double crochet into next space (dc) Single crochet into next space Single crochet into next space Single crochet and chain 3 Single crochet Single crochet Single crochet Double crochet 8 tr's slip stitch to join in with first sc. Please let me know if you make some of these cute hearts! ** this is a free tutorial not for reproduction, personal use only ++

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  1. You're right. A hearty garland would be just the Valentine's ticket...


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