Jan 7, 2013

a lovely homely holiday

We have had a really nice last month here in meandmy2guys land. Me and my 2 Guys and Miss Amelie have been home together for about 3 weeks and celebrated 2 birthdays, Christmas and New Year. We didn't go anywhere flash or do anything expensive but just spent loads of time together enjoying being a family. There were few fights and many laughs. We ate lots of cake, gingerbread men, rum balls, cranberry and almond balls, assorted chocolate and loads and loads of ham! Husband Guy and I drank litres and litres of coffee and a reasonable amount of alcohol.
The children's birthdays were wonderful and they were thoroughly spoilt by us and our family and friends. Our cakes were a triumph once again continuing our run of great cakes. Although we were pretty busy over the Christmas/New Year week we did manage to have a week of relaxation prior and a few days afterwards.
Husband Guy is back at work now and they kiddies and I are slowly getting back into our routines. The little Guy starts school on the 29th of January so Amelie and I will have several extra days per week to be both relaxed and extra busy. For the New Year I made 2 resolutions and had 1 wish for myself (aside from all those things we all wish for on a daily basis). I resovled to start a meandmy2guys Facebook page which I did prior to the end of 2012 (have you come to 'Like' me? It's a cool page) I also resolved to start going to the gym with a couple of lovely friends I met through Little Guy's kindy last year. My wish for myself for this year is better health. 2012 was a little hard on my health - nothing serious but just a series of annoying health issues waylaid me throughout the year. Hopefully 2013 will see me exercising more, creating more and staying healthy!
From my family to yours I wish you happiness, healthiness and doing a little something each day that makes you happy.


Jilly said...

oh, I love your matching outfits - so cute!

I'm also hoping to stay healthier this year.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I think getting fit and healthy is a common goal! Mine too!
It looks like you have had some lovely family time!

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