Dec 18, 2012

beautiful birthday cakes

This year to save my sanity and so the little Guy could invite his kindy friends we decided.tonthrow our children a big combined party. We were always going tondo a party for Amelie's 1st birthday so it wasn't a big deal to add Guy into the mix. We had a ladybug theme for Amelie and Iron Man for Guy. With then some more shared accessories and decorations in red. Husband Guy decided on an Iron Man cake for little Guy and I went for a rainbow for Amelie as I thought a ladybug would look too similar to Iron Man.

Judging by the reaction we got from the little Guy I think we did ok. And the rainbow cake was the better tasting.

I had such fun gathering all the party supplies and decorating the deck. Everyone had a great time and they even ventured out into the yard onto the swings and to play with the dogs.

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