Oct 21, 2012

quilt show

Cat 7 Amateur - Anne Meikle "Christine's Tiny 9 Patch"
Saturday saw the girls heading off to the Convention Centre to take in the Craft and Quilt Show.  It was really humming on Saturday around lunch time, which was nice considering last time we went, earlier this year, it was quite quiet.  I had vowed not to buy any fabric this time as I'm a tad embarressed by the HEAVING load of fabric crammed into my cabinet (and spilling out onto the floor).  I did purchase a couple more crochet hooks and a few rolls of washi tape.

The Challenge Quilts - I swear one year I will enter!
 As usual as well as the plethora of stalls to purchase all things quilt, bead, scrapbook, crochet, knitting and now cake decorating, there is also a quilt show.

the chicks enjoying the show

My favourite part by far this year was the Red and White quilts which came from the Mt Isa Quilters.  They decided after seeing the Red and White quilt exhibition that took part in the USA that they would like to emulate it.  I love red and white and the beautiful quilts that were on display did not disappoint.  Great credit is due to the Mt Isa Quilters for their wonderful quilts.

I also like these little ones from the Bundaberg Quilters which were made to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Here are a few more snippets.

Cat 4 Amateur - Trish Parker 'Gatton Stars'


Anonymous said...

You know the Christine's nine patch is form my quilt that was published many years ago in AP&Q and Anne Meikle the maker is a lovely lady that used to take classes with me when I worked at the Quilter's store, have lost touch with her.:(((

I did have mine in the show many years ago and it got me my first blue ribbon.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

That is nice bit of info Christine has left in the comments! It is funny how a fresh set of eyes make all the difference....the red and white quilts didn't connect with me on the day but they look fantastic in your photos!

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