Oct 22, 2012

my European loot

Mum and Dad have just returned from a wonderful holiday cruising around Italy and visiting my Brother in London.  As with last time they went away they returned with lots of loot for me (and the children). 

beautiful handiwork from Croatia

a great book on Gaudi from Barcelona - and look what was on the first random page I flicked to!

a gorgeous bag from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam - totes jealous (haha get it?)

a couple of little cross stitch kits from Belgium

and the piece-de-resistance - a Vulcan Minor (to go with the Vulcan Major I already have) from an antiques fair in Scotland

1 comment:

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love the tote and that sewing machine is so cute! What great parents you have!

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