Oct 15, 2012

first Christmas gift finished

I've finished my first Christmas gift -yay!! Having been pretty quiet last year due to renovations and a new babe, I'm going hard core on Christmas this year. Speaking of which, did you know it was my 4 year bloggiversary last week? Four years since I've been doing my own personal handmade gift challenge. Now it is my habit and my joy to hand make nearly all our birthday and Christmas gifts.

This year I have set myself some fairly large goals but I have started early.  Here is my first finished item. A hand crocheted throw rug.

See you later, I'm off to work on number two.


Tania said...

NOW THAT IS SO SHOWING OFF. It's the middle of freakin' October!

(I'm not exceptionally talented at the 'plan ahead'.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Yay for 4 years!
Love the crochet rug!

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