Aug 24, 2012

garden update

It's been a while since I've done a garden update.  Truthfully our back yard looks like a tip since having all the workmen and equipment in and on it.  Our front yard garden beds got really sadly neglected as we weren't actually living here for a while last Spring and then Amelie came and you know, excuses excuses excuses.

rogue parsley around the bins, it's also in the lawn and in other garden beds that we didn't plant it in!

But we have promised ourselves that this weekend is the weekend that the beds get turned over and new stuff planted.  Probably basil and tomatos and some more herbs.  Our rosemary as ever flourishes and we now have rogue parsley!  We've had rogue tomato bushes before, often bearing really yummy tomatos, so now we have parsely too.  It's springing up all over the yard it's hilarious!

I've also promised myself that I'm going to use my big DSLR more.  And hopefully take a course on actually how to use it properly too.  I was fooling around in the garden with it the other day so all these snaps are from that day.



Anonymous said...

The lavender is beautiful. I wonder if that would grow well here? I'd love to have more colour in our garden but I have a brown thumb. In Brisbane I used the hot weather as an excuse but now that I'm in a wetter spot I can't even blame that and I'm still managing to kill plants. Whenever I buy new plants my husband just calls them "my next victims"

Unknown said...

Manda and I bought some sleepers and we're building a couple of garden beds this weekend! We have some lavender seedlings we raised from seeds we want to plant out as well, though I suspect most lavender is ornamental, not scented :(

Re the digital camera, nice pics! I'm about ready to try focus stacking and exposure bracketing now, as well as some artistic moon/sun shots when they're on the horizon. I think I've pretty much got the hang of everything else, though I'd love to crack some long exposure night shots with shutter lock and either stitch them into a startrail, or frameserv them into a short video or something. Just bought a 32GB fast SD card to help with lots of RAW or L mode photos :)

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