Mar 16, 2012

Little Guy's breakfast smoothie

We've been making awesome breakfast smoothies lately.  The little Guy isn't a huge fan of breakfast, he prefers to graze and pick than to actually choose something and eat it.  It worries me that he starts the day on a largely empty stomach, especially when he goes to kindy.  He is a huge fan of a certain brand of smoothie that you get in the shopping centres, so I figured I could make something very similar from ingredients that we usually have on hand anyway.  A fun and yummy way to start the day.  I was inspired by an episode of River Cottage where Hugh makes his Breakfast Thickie - he uses banana, ice, yoghurt and some rolled oats.

This isn't a recipe really, more a guide.  Measurements are approximate and it makes enough for a large glass for me and a small glass for himself.

Little Guy's Breakfast Smoothie

3 dessert spoons of greek yoghurt
2 handfuls of berries (I generally use frozen ones straight out of the freezer but you can use fresh)
about a cup of milk
2 bananas (one per person)
and about a cup of toasted fruit free muesli (we use Carmen's - great Australian brand) (you could use oats, untoasted muesli or even some wheatgerm or bran)

Give it a blitz in the blender and serve - it is pretty thick - if it is too thick for you add more milk or less yoghurt - the muesli gives a nice texture with a little taste of nuts too.

Yummy and fun way to start the day!

1 comment:

Tania said...

Clever Mum. Perhaps I can try your recipe to trick myself out of my own breakfast aversion...

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