Feb 27, 2012

bread making

Now I am by no means a cook.  I do enjoy the odd bit of baking and I have about 3 dishes that I can proudly say that I cook well.  But that's about the limit.  I am very good with flavours and Guy and I are considered by our friends to be 'foodies'. 

After reading a blog post by someone ages ago I purchased this book.  For some reason I just got it into my head to try it out on the weekend.  We were having friends over for lunch and I'd said we'd make pizzas, which we used to do quite a bit using the Jamie Oliver bread recipe.  So we (I) decided to try out this bread recipe instead.  And I have to say it was a resounding sucess.  One lot of dough gave us 6 pizza bases (2 for lunch, 1 for dinner and 3 in the freezer) and about 20 small vegemite and cheese rolls (bet that wasn't a combination the authors ever thought of!).

We will definately be making more bread in the future.  And as there is no kneading and limited mess I'm not afraid to tackle it on my own during the day.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I use his recipe all the time, how do you freeze the pizza base do you pre cook it a little?

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea! I'd have school lunches sorted for 2 weeks.

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