Jan 25, 2012

rag rug

Regular readers will probably remember me mentioning wanting to make a Rag Rug a few times.  I even had ear marked some vintage sheets with which to make the rug.  

So when Jodie from Ric Rac suggested a Rag-Rug-Along the other day it was just the push I needed to put my hand up and commit.  That and the fact that I'm now post-pregnancy and post-Christmas.  

After a lot of thought and a bit of a discussion with Jodie I opted for the braiding with weaving in as you go method, to negate the need for sewing the braids together at the end.  Although I think the braiding then sewing might be slightly quicker I like the idea that it's all done in one hit.

So here is my rug so far.  It's about the size of a small dinner plate.  This is 2 x 3 strips of 1.5 inches roughly.  Double bed sheet width.  It is time consuming weaving it in as you go cause you do get a little tangled and you do wind up with little wispy bits of thread everywhere.  But once I'm done, it is done.  No pesky sewing together.

Think this will be a slow burn project.  Just like the original idea I guess!

Might try a little of this in the down times....

1 comment:

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

I read yout post last evening then headed straight over to Jodie's Vintage Ric Rac blog to find out more. What an awesome idea!

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