Jan 27, 2012

rag rug - 2

My rag rug is progressing along nicely.  Although working with slightly shorter strips does aid in not getting you all tangled up.  Double bed width is a bit too long, single bed or jelly roll strips (42 inches) is just about right.  

I decided I need a little more colour variation and after seeing Lizzie's suggestion of using Jelly Rolls I remembered I had one Mum had bought for me that was just the right colours.  And as an added bonus I knew exactly where it was!

So now we have a bit more purple added and have started on the second lot of sheets.  I'm now adding a pink bit as we speak. Although my jelly roll is almost all gone so will need to think of a new plan :)

1 comment:

Wendy said...

This is coming along nicely.

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