Sep 12, 2011

Granny square blanket progress - 100 Grannies!

Well here you go folks, the first pictures of all 100 Grannies, all sewn together!  

And to prove I've not been totally slack, here is a pic of the back too - look nearly all the ends are woven in!

I'm thinking I'm not going to put a border on this one.  But should probably block it yes?  What do you think.  It's quite heavy this blankie, definately one for next winter - bub will be about 6 months by then.

I've also started a second blankie, which is much lighter than the last and very theraputic to work on.  

From 9 x 200gram balls of wool this is what I have left after constructing nearly 2 whole blankets.  Not bad for $100 hey!



  1. Bree they are beautiful blankets well done, hope you are keeping well.

  2. Beautiful - love the squares. Well done for only having been crocheting for a short time

  3. SO, SO, SO, SO IMPRESSED. Most especially at the back view!

  4. Bree your blanket is just beautiful! It turned out really well.....I love all those colors as it makes this a very happy blanket.....hope all is going well with you and the baby....


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