Aug 29, 2011

vintage knitting ephemera

(there you go Mum I used the word 'ephemera' just for you)

Mum and I spent a lovely morning yesterday at a local antiques and collectibles fair.  We've been to this fair a few times previously but it's definately improved with age.  When Mum was sick a few weeks ago we spent just about every day watching solid Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, Dealers and Antiques Roadtrip.  We nearly drove Dad crazy. 
So yesterday we went armed with our best Bargain Hunt faces and were prepared to ask "is that your very best price?".  Not that we did, or really needed to.

We did strike vintage sewing gold though with the purchase of this very cute knitting needle box.  A quick peep inside showed that we would have hours of fun sorting through the heap of needles inside so we snapped it up quick smart.  After a bit of a clean and a bit of eucalyptus oil to remove sticky tape stickiness it's ready to be shown off.

It has these nifty holes in the top for sizing your knitting needles and came with this little bell-shaped sizer as well.

Many complete pairs of needles, most still in original packaging and two with these handy little row counters.

Two complete sets of double ended needles - one in plastic and one in metal.

I had two favourite finds in this box - two sets of tortoiseshell needles - one only shown here because contrary to what the label says - the knob broke off the top as I cleaned the other set.  So it's off having emergency super glue treatment.

My second favourite item was the unexpected discovery of some crochet hooks at the bottom including this lovely carved wooden one (second from the right).

All cleaned up and ready to be put on top of my stash cupboard with my other treasures.


Baby Lux Design said...

tortoise shell knitting needles...very cool! :)

DangAndBlast! said...

I have a couple of ivory crochet hooks I got from a very old lady years ago... they're divine to work with.

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