Aug 13, 2011

applique on baby onepiece suits

This is another project for the bub, something I've been gathering supplies for (ie the suits) for a while.  This would make a great project for a baby shower gift and it's very cute and quick to do.  If you aren't feeling so adventurous, my friend Tyler from Baby Lux Design does sell awesome onesies with much more elaborate designs than I've done!

my first attempt at blanket stitch - be gentle with me!

Not all of my one piece suits will be girly-girly.  I tend to like little girls in anything but pink.  Or just with a hint of pink.

blogger decided my photos weren't quite funky enough so turned them upside down for me :)

I'm going to do a whole bunch of these suits because with bub being due in summer I know her brother spent nearly his first 3 months clothed exclusively in this type of thing.  I made two today one a 000 and one a 0000.  I've got a few more white suits stashed away and some green as well just awaiting embellishment.  I'm also thinking of using buttons too.


1 comment:

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

They are cute! I had a cupboard of onesies too, my son was born late october and lived in them for months too.

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