Jun 15, 2011

vintage linens

I've had these linens stashed in my linen closet, scrunched up in plastic bags (*gasp*) for many years.  They were scavenged from my Great-Aunt and then from my Granny's houses.  I love having things around me which are from my family.  Our kitchen table and chairs are the original ones my grandparents had when they were married about 65 years ago.  Beside it stands a kitchen dresser which was my great-grandmother's.  In our bedroom we have a meat safe of the same vintage as a bedside table.  There is glassware and kitchen goods and various other things hidden away and on display.  My sewing desk is my Granny's sewing table.

I've had this strange urge for a few days to find the linens I knew were in my house somewhere.  I found two bags but I know there are some little beaded milk jug covers and more doilies somewhere.

This is a crochet rug, I'm not sure who made it.  Mum or Aunty do you know?  It just needs a little wash and it'll be great - Mum you're on wool washing duty :)  And would you look at what shape it is ?? Spooky hey!

Here are the doilies that I found so far.

I think some of them are hand made but some were probably purchased.  I love the crochet ones.

Now my next question is, any tips on washing the doilies and linens?  They have some yellow marks on them, mostly just from age and improper storage.  I want to clean them all up and press them flat and either store them properly or use them in some creative way.  Any suggestions on creative ways to use them?  



Frances said...

Hey Bree I saw somw dresses and tops made from doiley's at the Bus depot Markets in canberra! Not sure - have seen them sewn as collars and cap sleeves as well! Good luck.

Baby Lux Design said...

look at this gorgeous table runner....that's what i would do with them!

as for washing I would wash them by hand with a soft detergent ring dry and lay flat to air dry...then lightly press if need be!

post what you make :)

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