Jun 19, 2011

two treats and some garden

I got two treats on Friday.  Firstly I treated myself to some of these cute Art Viva knitting needles.  They are made from Tasmanian Oak and have a funky little bauble on the end.  I purchased them from Biome which is this awesome store all about sustainability and making a difference in the way we live.  Something I think is very popular amongst the handmade/blogging types.  They also stock the beautiful Woolganics yarn as well as several craft and knitting books and some cool craft kits for kids.  The needles are awesome but the little bauble does add a tiny bit of weight to the end which you have to get used to.

Then when I arrived home in my mail box there was a treat from a quilty/bloggy friend.  It is the cutest little quilt you've ever seen.  So tiny and intricate.  

Here it is beside one of my knitting needles for comparison.  These are pretty short needles mind you.  

Just look at the size of these nine-patches.  Each little square is about 1cm.

And a litte update of the garden while I'm here.  I was sitting on my front steps in the sun knitting and thought how lush my veges were looking.

the perfect truss
butter beans - yum yum

Don't you just love the patterns that appear in your yarn ball as you work through it?



Doreen said...

The garden looks great...and what a wonderful afternoon it was to sit and knit..Did a bit myself..Love the needles...

Anonymous said...

The needles are very cute and your garden is looking fantastic.
Glad you like the little quilt.


Tania said...

Thank goodliness I'm not the only one who gazes rapturously at yarn balls. And I reckon I can almost smell those truss tomatoes...

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