Jun 1, 2011

new project - Grandad quilt

I've started a new quilt project today.  I figured since I'd posted off my prizes, finished my doll quilt swap and tidied up a bit I was entitled to start something new.  The quilt is a present for my father in law, his birthday was in April but I'm not known for delivering these gifts on time!

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with the fabrics.  It was the first time I'd really even stepped into the 'civil war' section of the quilt shop!

And the idea for the design has come from the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

There are a couple of great patterns in that mag, is that the issue with the star quilt? I want to make that one....just need time! I love the fabrics you have chosen!

circle retreat quilter said...

I have picked up that mag also, and am planning on the stars like Jess. I always buy the BHG quilt specials but have never actually made one. Bree I am sure it will be fab.

Doreen said...

Maybe I need to buy the magazine too...your fabrics are great.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics you have chosen, it is going to be a stunning quilt.

Take care

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