Jun 24, 2011

more learning to crochet

I've been pracitising my crochet and am dying to get hold of some nice yarn and get started on a blanket.  Below is my first granny square from the other day, I just kept going and practising my trebles until I ran out of the camel coloured yarn.

I've been going back and rereading all the blogs that specialise in crochet and seeing which of their tutorials I could understand and attempt.  My first stop was Attic 24 where I had a memory of a really cute granny square tutorial.  I was so thrilled to find that I could understand the directions and even managed to teach myself the 'bobble' stitch.  So I've been practicing my regular granny square and now my flower granny square.

the central part has the bobble stitch, then the grey is the first round of treble crochet

the top is done on a 5.5mm hook, the bottom on a 4mm, trying out different sizes

I think I might try the Japanese flowers next!  I am going a bit crochet mad, but it's so exciting to be learning something new that's really firing my imagination.



Anonymous said...

Well done Bree, I think my mother inlaw still has my first crochet cushion, I think I did it when I was 15 ( don't tell anyone but that is when I meet my husband)

There is also a great A-Z crochet book on the market.


Doreen said...

You are doing very well...it really does inspire the imagination.

circle retreat quilter said...

Well done on the Crochet, it will just grow so quick. enjoy

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh wow, well done, i learned to crochet yesterday, it was hard!! Your work is amazing, love Posie

Frances said...

Congrats Bree, it is addictive isn't it!!!! Japanese flower next impressive.....I will send something to you in the mail, may help or may hinder???!!!! Keep hooking!

Doreen said...

Can't wait to see you get started on the new wool you just ordered...I've done two squares..thinking I should set a goal of doing at least one day..but too many other projects on the go..and work does get in the way.

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