Jun 20, 2011

learning to crochet!

Aunty has been 'threatening' to teach me to crochet for ages but we've just never co ordinated it properly.  So today with no work and no child and no other distractions we settled in with crochet books, patterns, an instructional DVD, a pile of yarn and several crochet hooks.  We did try to get the fire lit for real ambience but we lacked the appropriate size kindling.

But there was cake and coffee and sandwiches.  (And a little bit of knitting and talk about quilting on the side).

To my total shock after watching the instructional DVD just once I was chaining up a storm.  After a second viewing I was slip stitching and very soon double crocheting.  After our lunch Aunty showed me how to treble crochet and make a granny square.

I was so surprised that I was able to follow the instructions in my crochet book and sucessfully create my very first granny square!  This is what my granny square looked like when I left Aunty's house this afternoon.

And this is what it looks like now!  It's a bit loose and a little rough but could I be any prouder???

This is Aunty's granny square, cute bold colours that will probably wind up as a cushion or a baby blanket.  Apparently though I'm now getting the blame for adding to her WIP!

I love learning new things!  Especially something I've wanted to learn about for ages.  Have you learnt any new skills lately?  Or what new skill would you like to learn?


Frances said...

Way to go Bree, crochet would have to be up there with knitting as a craft that can travel, do anywhere and relatively easy??!! Satisfaction level is pretty good too especially with granny squares cause you get a result quickly....Congratulations, will wait for the new projects, dont forget to check crochet with raymond and Attic 24 blogs for some ideas!!

taramichele said...

You amaze me! I would never have the patience:)

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