Jun 9, 2011


I thought I'd better show you some photos of things I've had hanging around for a while now.  A little bit of housekeeping if you will.

Firstly this is the quilt I received from Wendy in the first round of Christine's doll quilt swap.  

Wendy - I don't think my emails to you are working but the quilt is definately here!  The detail and the hand stitching are amazing.  I notice more each time I look at it.

Secondly this lovely parcel arrived from my friend Frances in Sydney.  Frances and I met several years ago through work, she at our Sydney office and me in our Brisbane office.  We worked together on a lot of projects over the years and kept in contact mainly through email and a few business visits.  In a funny coincidence we wound up having our first babies within 3 days of each other (Fran is a few years older than me :)  Since we've both now left the organisation we've still kept in contact and our creative pursuits have blossomed together.  She credits/ blames me for her new addiction to all things fabric!  I sent her a bundle of scraps and some 1 inch hexagon papers the other week to help her in her hexagon swap.  In return Fran has sent me this wonderful package containing one of the Vignette magazines, a beautiful card and the most amazing framed hexagon.

Thanks so much Fran!  I love it all and you are a treasure!

Lastly, mostly due to a 20% off sale, I went off to Spotlight the other day to acquire some of the Denise Schmidt fabric.  I came home with just a little bit!  Not my fault my local Spotlight had just about every fabric in the range in stock!

I got a half metre of each of these.

And a full metre of these.'

Now if any of you are desperate to find these Picnics and Fairgrounds fabrics, I could be pursuaded to return to my Spotlight to acquire some more ;)  Drop me an email.

Hopefully that's cleaned out a bit of  my housekeeping and I should be back soon to show you the finished Sunshine quilt, I'm just finishing off the binding now.


Wendy said...

I am so glad that it has made it Bree....I was getting worried....glad you like it....I don't know why the email is not getting to me.....maybe if you do a new one and not by reply.....

Doreen said...

What a lovely quilt. Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail, Bree? I know I do. And those fabrics from Spotlight are gorgeous. Might have to pop in myself.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely quilt.......what a great find with the fabric at spotlight........

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