May 1, 2011

sunday in the garden

I have actually done some sewing lately but haven't gotten around to taking any pictures.

Today we rejuvenated the garden beds and planted out some winter veges.  Tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, spring onions, butter beans and lettuces.  We tried not to go overboard like we normally do and only planted 2 tomatoes and small amounts of everything else.

While we were gardening we had a couple of visitors.

This one is for Myrtle and Eunice:

And these guys.  They are like our neighbours, I love seeing them around and they love the trees on our footpath.

Although they can make a lot of mess in a very short time.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love your raised garden bed! There is nothing better than home grown!

Jilly said...

Wow, you have cockteils in your garden and you are planting tomatoes as a winter veggie? I can't imagine. Cool.

Doreen said...

Makes me want to grow some vegies and a friend did offer me a small raised garden bed on perhaps I should. Good idea only planting small amounts. Glad you shared your day.

Wendy said...

It must be wonderful to see those gorgeous birds so closeup and in the wild.....we only see them in pet shops here in the US......did you receive my email? Wendy

Claire Atoxim said...

The second of the cocky photos looks like he's trying for a part in the next Pirates of the Caribbean O.o

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