May 31, 2011

doll quilt swap sneak peek and some weird weather

Here is a sneak peek for the second round of Christine's doll quilt swap.  It went off in the mail today so hopefully the recipient will get it next week.

And today we've had some weird weather - a big hail storm this afternoon.  The weirdest part was the sun shone throughout the storm and there was even a rainbow, meanwhile the little ice balls just kept falling from the sky.

My car was out in it but thankfully no damage, while there was heaps of hail there wasn't any really big damaging stones.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Your quilt looks very interesting! Can't wait to see it all!
I didn't know Brissie had hail, I don't see the news much, but it seems we are having summer storms in winter - crazy!

Anonymous said...

The sneak peek is looking great, love it.
Wow look at the hail, very crazy weather we are having.
Glad your car is ok.

Tania said...

I have to admit - I do like a bit of weather with OOOMPH. Not too much, mind - but more than wall-to-wall grey.

Sweetest doll quilt you have there..

circle retreat quilter said...

We never got the hail yesterday but it looked like we were going to get a storm but nothing came of it. your little quilt looks lovely

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