Dec 15, 2010

Singer Sewhandy 20

This little sewing machine has been around as long as I can remember.  It was my Mum's and I hadn't thought about it for years but an ad I saw the other day about Singer Featherweights prompted me to ask Mum about it.  I told her it would look very cute in my studio and she agreed saying that it was mine to take whenever I wanted.

A little research on the net and I've discovered that it is a Singer Sewhandy 20 which is a functional child's sewing machine dating from around the 1950's.  Ours has a hand crank and they do not have a bobbin but sew using a chain stitch.  Unfortunately I don't have the box or instructions or the clamp (which I gather you attach it to a table with) but it does have the original seam guide still.

We intend to take it to a friend's shop and have it cleaned and serviced but for now I've taken a few snaps.  If anyone knows anything else about these little babies can you please leave me a comment?

I think I'll make a little cover for it, I'm thinking english paper pieced hexagons using these cute sewing themed fabrics Aunty gave me for Christmas - what do you think?  Who needs one of those silly Blythe dolls to make miniature stuff for when you can have a miniature sewing machine? :)



baukje said...

What a beauty this Singer!!!

Tania said...

You lucky ducky! She's fabulous.

Have passed on loo roll/christmas cracker suggestion. The Middle BEAMED! Wickedly.

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