Dec 20, 2010

new cushions

Mum recently decided to update her deck decor, starting with the cusions on the day bed.  She bought several co ordinating fabrics from Ikea which are really economical and heavy duty.  I was seconded to make the cushion covers, 3 small and 3 large.

Here are the results.


The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

Bravo, Bree. I can cook a meal, but for the life of me, I cannot thread a sewing machine let alone make anything like this.

Tania said...

I so admire your endurance. Except for thirty felt sandwiches, (which near killed me), I have never made as many as SIX of anything! Not only that they look all posh and outdoorsy and FABULOUS.

Micki said...

The cushions are fabulous!
Merry Christmas!

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