Dec 14, 2010

lolly holly - simple Christmas craft

This 'lolly holly' is a great Christmas craft, simple enough for kids to participate in and beautiful both as a decoration or as a gift.  Once again I have my Mum to thank for this little tradition that we both still make today. (Love you Mum!)

You will need:  cellophane in green and red, ribbon, round lollies such as Jaffas (about the size of a marble), leaf shaped lollies such as spearmint leaves (I don't really like spearmint leaves so use these citrus slice lollies) and scissors.  **PLEASE BE CAREFUL - the round lollies are not suitable for small children without supervision as they are hard and can get stuck in their windpipe.

Cut your cellophane roughly into squares about 8cm square for the round lolly (the red cellophane) and about 10 - 12 cm square for the leaves (the green cellophane).

Place a lolly in the centre of the corresponding coloured piece of cellophane and tightly twist it.  If you are really paranoid you can secure it with sticky tape but it's not really necessary. 

Once you have 3 red 'holly' balls and 2 green 'leaves', make a bunch and tie up with ribbon.  If you tie it tightly enough you don't need the tape.  Holding the bunch and tying them up is tricky on your own but it can be done.

Now without sampling too many of the supplies (the lollies, not the cellophane) make yourself up a little stash of lolly holly.  These look cute on your tree, add a safety pin to the back and make a brooch, or simply give them out attached to cards and presents.  They make a nice gesture for the post man or local barista too! 


  1. I think I would like your Mum Bree, you guys have some great traditions!!! How cool, I am out to buy supplies tomorrow.

  2. well FJMK, you know where we live and you are welcome any time. funny thing - I was just telling my Mum about you this afternoon! (It was all good, I was saying how lovely you are and what an encouragement you are to me!)

  3. These are just great ! Thanks so much for linking up and playingx


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