Aug 28, 2010

whipping my WIP

I've been showing my WIP (work in progress) who's boss around here lately.

I finished off some coasters which I started way back around Mother's Day (May here in the Southern Hemisphere).  I gave eight to my Mum but never quite got around to finishing the rest - TICK.

I've started the backing for my large hexagon quilt and my aim is to take it off to the machine quilter on Monday.

The placemats for my besty are finished and just need to be delivered.

And I made this cushion.  It is in memory of my Great Aunt who passed away a few months ago.  She was one of the brave women who followed her American soldier beau back to the USA after World War 2.  They went on to lead a wonderful life together, travelling and living all over the world and bearing 3 lovely daughters.  This cushion is off to the home of one daughter to remind her of her 'Aussie' roots.

(On a side note - for those of you who have seen The Pacific television series - please be advised that it portrayed those young Australian women in a rather 'shady' light.  They weren't all jumping into bed with the soldiers - just FYI.)

Have a nice day :)


Sew Here We Are said...

Love the pillow, especially the center block.

Lis Harwood said...

Well done Bree, love what you've done and that you're beating those WIPs. Go girl!

Micki said...

I love the pillow and the coasters. Where did you get the pattern for the coasters?

Lis Harwood said...

Several people seem to be "going public" on their blogs about WIPs, seems a good way to go, no more excuses, thanks for the kick up the bum!!

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