Aug 14, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar quilt - top and backing finished

At last the top of the very hungry caterpillar quilt is all finished and sewn together.  It took me 3 goes to get one of the panels on right, and even now it's a bit wonky but no one will notice except me!

Today I had 5 minutes spare so I quickly pieced the back of the quilt.  I had previously purchased this blue to go with the rest of the fabrics but it was just a little short for the quilt.  I'd saved some of the strips of 'food' fabric to put on the back.  The 3 strips were enough to give me the length I needed for the backing.

Then I got all gung ho and pinned them together and started to plan where I was going to join the backing and the top - given that this was 'quilt as you go' so the joins need to be strategic.

And then we had another fail, the second, well third actually for this project.  A personal best I think.  The backing wound up all wonky as I decided to quilt from the front and had to remove the safety pins a bit prematurely.  Oh well, I'm going to have some time on my hands next week so will be wielding the unpicker.

And the 5 metres of binding is all ready to go and everything!

1 comment:

Micki said...

Very cute quilt!

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