Aug 28, 2010

garden update

The flowers are blooming here and I'm so excited.  I've never really excelled at growing flowers but this year we seem to be having some success.

I bought some mixed bags of seeds a while ago, flowers in shades of blue, to compliment the lavender, rosemary and olives.  The seeds sprouted very quickly but the 'men' of the household were dubious as to whether they would ever flower.
But 'aha' we have one confirmed flower and 3 more buds.  Not much for the amount of foliage we have but I'm still hopeful.

Our lavenders have continued to flower and thrive and two of them now have given white flowers.  It's very strange, something I've never seen before.  Especially since I was fairly sure they were all the same variety.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful. Lavender is so gorgeous.


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