Jul 16, 2010

my loot from London

Mum & Dad returned from London (and beyond) the other day, happy but a bit tired.  They had a great time with my brother discovering London, Cornwall, Ireland, Paris and New York, as well as Dubai and Hong Kong beforehand.

As usual my Mum could be relied upon to return with many, many gifts and my request for fabric did not go unheard.

From Hong Kong and China I received:
a cute Chinese print

a bold red which will make a great beach bag

and a beautiful Chinese brocade.

From Paris a trio of beautiful heavy cottons

From Liberty, a METRE of a gorgeous print and a funky tea towel

and from the V&A, every piece of fabric which wasn't nailed down!  Including 2 fat quarter packs, 2 more fat quarters and a charm square pack with one each of every fabric they made.  Apparently I have to share this lot with Mum & Aunty (but that may not happen, just between you and I).

Not a bad haul I think!

P.S.  Mum LOVED her cushions!


Sew Here We Are said...

WOW!! love it all!! You are so lucky..lol. And just in case I forgot to let you know, with everything around here so busy. I recieved my fq from you and loved it. Thanks so much!!

Lis Harwood said...

Wow, your mum is a brilliant fabric shopper, love all the stuff she chose for you. You got loads of V&A stuff, wow. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it all. You could keep quiet re the sharing ha ha, just pretend you didn't hear that bit - mind you, there's plenty to go around :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! what are you going to do with it all?

Kitty said...

Love the Paris fabrics. Be sure to post your project photos!

Micki said...

You are so lucky...all the fabrics are awesome! I love the oriental fabrics the most.

baukje said...

Oh what a lucky guy you are!!!!

Fleurette said...

Lovely gifts Bree, love the Chinese brocade.

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