Apr 15, 2010

hexagons everywhere!

As I hinted at previously, as part of my trip to the recent quilt fair, I was desperately seeking motivation and inspiration. The World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt Challenge quilt (in progress) was there which was fantastic to see in person how much it had grown. You can see photos on the site of exactly what we saw at the show.

It was whilst looking at the quilt that Mum, Aunty and I came up with a great idea - to do our own Hexagon Quilt Challenge as a collaborative project. We all enjoy making the hexagons and it's something that you can easily pick up and put down again.

We decided that we'd also rope my cousin in as well (she lives in the UK). We decided to make it in the same style as the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt - each 'rosette' will have a green hexagon in the middle surrounded by 6 of whatever colour you like. Then a neutral colour around the outside. Each quilt will measure 5 x 5 of the rosettes with the neutral border, which will then also mean 20 more rosettes to fill in the gaps. We are each going to make 45 rosettes, then get together and swap, keeping 1/4 for ourselves and each receiving 1/4 from each other. This is a great way to do it as even if someone drops out or we add someone, you just swap more or less and still only need to make the same amount.

So inspired by this group project was I that I decided to get my Mother in Law and 2 Sisters in Law involved in a seperate one, all be it a lot smaller! We are going to make cushion covers that are 3 x 3 rosettes. As this is a mostly hand sewn project it's perfect for people like my Sisters in Law who are not really sewers but were wanting something to dabble at. I had more than enough needles, thread and of course fabric to furnish everyone with what they needed.

So far I've completed about 12 rosettes of the approx 55 that I need in total. Which I don't think is too bad. I'm having a great time picking out the brightest and best from my stash, which aren't always appropriate for larger projects like bags. Some of my cherished Amy Butler Lotus collection have even had a run! The beauty of these quilts and cushions will be in the uncoordination of the fabrics, which is what makes choosing the fabrics so fun.

I've dubbed our quilts the "Go With the Flow" project. Perhaps you could also start a collaborative project with your family or friends? Or we could start a huge blogosphere one?

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