Mar 19, 2010

Red stack and slash quilt - quilted, bound and FINISHED

I think this is one of my most proud moments - I have FINISHED my red stack and slash quilt. It is pretty rough and ready but it is my first large quilt that I've fully finished and I have learnt so much along the way.

Thanks to the help of the awesome binding tutorial from Rita of Red Pepper Quilts and also the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts which Rita references. My mitred corners are still a little shaky but I managed to make the 90 degree joins in the binding and even where the binding joins together on the quilt.

I literally have just finished sewing the binding on and haven't even cut off all the little loose threads and stuff. Just whipped it off the sewing machine and grabbed the camera.

It makes a very cheery addition to my already very red couch and cushions. But it is so gratifying to sit in my lounge room enjoying my handiwork. And when friends ask what I've been sewing to be able to say "these cushions, that quilt, that little quilt of Guy's, that big cushion, this handbag....".

And you can find my fairly convoluted stack and slash instructions back at this post from 2009.
Next time I do one I promise to take photos and make a proper tutorial. If you do have any questions though please leave me a comment and I'll reply!

Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Purple Paisley Patch said...

It's gorgeous Bree, you should be proud! I'll have to check out how you did it, because it looks like such a fun project.
Thanks for your email, I'll reply later on tonight, once I've chased the kids off to bed. LOL :-)

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