Mar 7, 2010

garden update

It's been raining a lot here lately which is very unusual and great since I don't have to go out and water the plants of an afternoon. Not so great when the grass in the backyard is up to your knees and it's too wet to mow.

Our first lot of seeds didn't really sprout so we re planted the bed with some more. Since then it's rained solidly for over a week which has provided the little seeds with plenty of encouragement to come up. We've had a heap of butter beans, radishes and kale sprout.

Also coming along nicely are the sunflowers. It won't be long before the beds are a mass of bobbing sunflower heads. Already, even though the flowers aren't open yet, the buds still turn towards the sun.
And the tomatos as always are coming along beautifully, even the rogue bush growing by the side of the path. As it's loaded with tomatos and for so long was the only thing growing in the garden I don't have the heart to pull it out.

And as always the rain has brought a few unexpected visitors to the garden.

Have a great week every one!


Patsy said...

Are the mushrooms edible? We had some come up by the lemon tree and had them for Sunday lunch. Quite tasty. Your tomatoes are forming welland look like they will be tasty

AMIT said...

Nice garden you have.

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