Jan 21, 2010

garden progress

Husband Guy and I really enjoy gardening - specifically growing fruit, veges and herbs. One of the attractions of this new house was the huge yard, good for large dogs and growing boys, but also good for large scale gardeining. At our old house we had managed to create a very compact little garden, which had to have a very sturdy fence around it to keep out the said large dogs. And unfortunately everything was just hitting its straps when we decided to move.

One of the nice things about post war houses in Brisbane is that so many of them have fantastic mango and macadamia nut trees. Often though the mango trees are a very rustic variety with smaller fruit with very stringy flesh. So it has been with anticipation that we've been watching our mango tree develop huge fruit, wondering what sort of mangos we will get, and indeed if we will get any before the possums/ fruit fly/ dogs do. But as we've discovered dogs are quite good at scaring away possums and we were fortunate to lose none/ one to bugs. Instead of leaving them on the tree to ripen and risk losing them all to the abovementioned pests, we waited until they just started to turn golden pink before we harvested them. And for a small tree we got HEAPS of mangos.

Some as big as rockmelons! And I am so excited to report that they are not stringy at all but really rich with firm flesh - absolutely delicious!

We've also been busy constructing gardens both for decoration and veges. We had these 4 tanks made for our veges by tankosaurus, a local water tank manufacturer. We've finally got around to filling them with dirt (5 tons to be exact) and planting out a few seeds, seedlings and herbs. We have 3 sorts of tomato seedlings plus rosemary, basil, parsley, sage and tarragon. As well as seeds of parsnip, carrots, kale, radish and butter beans. All things we have sucessfully grown in the past.

These beautiful wooden beds will double as extra seating but will also hold 6 lovely 2 year old olive trees (from Australis plants near Toowoomba) as well as a forest of rosemary and lavender (from another wholesale nursery in Maclean). I love to shop on the internet - can you tell? :) I want the garden to be in silver and grey/green tones and have lost of lovely scented foliage.

And planted against our fence, my Husband Guy's absolute favourite fruit, raspberry. We've managed to have a couple of little raspberries off one plant, even though they've only been in the ground a couple of months. And you should hear the fighting when it comes time to eat them!

So in between all this gardening, not much crafting has been happening. I decided to go back to a little bit of cross stich so here is my progress so far - any guesses what it may be??

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Doreen said...

The garden looks terrific...soon, you will have no need to go to the markets at the Powerhouse...but I will miss our little catchup...

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