Jan 6, 2010

busy bee

I have snuck in a bit of sewing over the last week, despite us all being home together.

First off I purchased a Bob the Builder cot panel on sale from Spotlight and backed that for Little Guy. He was quite jealous of the Thomas one I made for a friend and he loves his blankets.

Then I finally made the large cushion for him that I've had the rocket ship material for ages for. I purchased 2 of the largest cushion inserts I could find and just put them together and made the cover. Backed in the same material as the Bob blanket.

And I finally made a new bag for myself. My old one, which was made out of calico as a test piece, was getting very tatty. So I broke out some of my Amy Butler Love stash and tried out one of the April Bags as featured in Sew Mama Sew. Elizabeth has a few great tutorials and I'm also keen to try out her Simple Party Clutch.


Jilly said...

the bag looks great! and i love the chair in your sewing room, too.

Unknown said...

thanks Jill! we actually have about 10 of those chairs or similar ones - from 2 vintage kitchen sets. One was my grandparents and one was parent of a friend. We use them and the table to this day! Although I'd like to get a massive table one day and have all 10 repainted and use them all.

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