Dec 28, 2009

'Scoop' Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Little Guy. Being 2 days after Christmas is a bit of a bummer but all our friends and family made the effort to back up for morning tea and to make the day special for our little man.

He is right into Bob the Builder and Thomas and all those other boy things so husband Guy and I made him a 'Scoop' cake (the digger from Bob the Builder). Although he is a bit young still to ask for particular things, our only wish was that he would recognise Scoop.

And I think we did a pretty amazing job. We actually have a history of making cakes - but they have both been wedding cakes not birthday cakes. Last year I made a number 1 shaped cake for him with the help of my mum but this year Guy decided it was his job. Guy does all the cooking in our household and has worked as a cook so all the party-goers were eagerly anticipating the results.

He baked the cakes from scratch, assembled and mostly iced it, I just added the finishing touches to the icing.

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Anya said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy. If you want to have a special day for him that's not forgotten with all the holiday hustle and bustle, why not celebrate his half-birthday 6 months from now? My son's birthday is in the middle of summer, so I always sent cupcakes in to school in the middle of January for his half-birthday.

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