Dec 16, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

HO HO HO, here I am still plugging away at Christmas Presents. None of these need to be mailed so I'm doing ok.

First we have a Sunglasses case to go with the Glasses case for my Aunty. Made again from the Par Avion fabric with a cute little vintage button closure. Suitable for even the biggest sunnies (tested on mine which are huge!).

Then we have a little impromptu gift which I decided to make after receiving my VIP parcel from Amitie. A little Aussie Christmas dress for my little friend J. Hopefully it fits, I only had a fat quarter to work with.

Then we have a little shoulder bag for my MIL. Made from a great tutorial by Artsy Crafty Babe. I really like this size of bag (before I had to carry around nappies and wipes and food that is).

And finally for today, part of my Mum's Christmas present. I cushion knitted from some really fun baubly yarn I bought a while back. My aim is to have a few cushions ready by Christmas for Mum and give them to her in a big stack. But we'll see how that pans out!

Have a great crafty time everyone and I'll see you soon. Hopefully I can knock out another 3 or 4 of those glasses or sunnies cases before the weekend!

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