Nov 19, 2009

The Christmas Challenge

Well I've officially given in to peer (family) pressure and agreed to make Christmas pressies again. Although I have said I'm not going to completely bust a gut like I did last year.

So first cab off the rank is my dad, who was actually the last cab last year. His present is kind of the same as last year, just different fabric. Last year he received some coasters as just a bit of a gesture but he has used them so much and said how fantastic he thinks they are that he had to get some more! Plus he really loved the golden retriever fabric so the choice was easy.
My favourite part about making coasters? The quilting of them at the end. I like to go a bit wacky with how I quilt them, some turn out looking better than others but hey! And it really really helps when my walking foot 'walks' properly too!

1 comment:

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Love that fabric! I'd like to do handmade gifts for pressies this year, but the boys are sooooo hard. I'll be watching your blog for some more tips on pressies for the blokes.

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