May 6, 2009

Stitches and Craft Show

Last week saw the Brisbane leg of the Stitches and Craft Show, an event I'd been eagerly anticipating for months! And just to prove my point, I went twice! This was a bit of a fluke actually, on Thursday I attended a training course nearby and had enough time in the afternoon to nick in for 45 minutes - which with how empty it was I was able to whip around and grab a few bargains. Then on Sunday arvo I returned for a slow browse with my Mum, Aunty Doreen and cousin Shannon. The four girls had a great time trying out all the free workshops, chatting to stall holders and the coffee after!

On Thursday afternoon I made a bee line for the Blog zone to meet Kristen Doran! Even though Kristen has a piccie of herself on her blog it was so exciting to meet her in the flesh. And I bought a little sample piece of the 'Drummer Boys' which I'm going to applique onto a shirt for my little Guy.I also met up with Jennifer from Amitie Textiles, and I must say they had the best range of fabrics on their stall! Japanese novelty, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset - you name it! I think I did the most damage there. Mum put quite a dint in her purse there on Saturday as well!

Some Japanese novelties - the dog one matches some ribbon I purchased from Japan recently.

Some Amy Butler.

And some Kaffe Fasset.

And some more.....

Next stop was Peppermint Stitches - a store recently opened in Brisbane. The one thing I really wanted from the show, apart from meeting Kristen, was some of the Wonderland by Momo fabric. And Peppermint Stitches had a charm pack so I snapped that up for something a bit different.

Overall we had a great time, and the coffee afterwards was pretty good too!

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Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hey Bree, I was sick but managed to get to the show twice too. I went on Wednesday and it was soooooo quiet, so it was easy to get around and grab some bargains. I did most of my damage at Amitie too, I always new I'd love that shop, I can't imagine what I'll spend when I actually go to the real shop in Melbourne! I went back very briefly on Sunday as I'd bought a two day pass, and I'd asked Kristen to bring me an owl panel so I had to go and get that and grab a few FQs from the girls at Ink & Spindle, plus a piece of Liberty fabric that I'd put back at Amitie on the Wednesday when I realised I really had blown all my funds!!! You won't need to read my post now, but you might want to see the pictures. I might save it for my Sunday stash post, I've been a bit quiet with posting lately. I'm glad you had a great time! :-)

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