Dec 16, 2008

little stockings

Since packing up my sewing machine I've discovered that I've become so immersed in sewing that if I didn't do something I'd go mad. And it didn't feel right to sew something that wasn't Christmas related. So as a result I've started making little hand sewn Chrissie Decs.

I've made a couple of these little stockings, this one with my mum's name embroidered on it. And I'm working on making some gingerbread people shaped ones as well.


Janellybelly said...

Sounds like you have an addiction - a very enjoyable one! My sewing machine decided it needed to be serviced after 6 years of constant use, so I've borrowed Mum's to get me through the last of the Chrissy projects. Very cute stocking decoration :)

Unknown said...

Great stocking . I look forward to the gingerbread one.
Clare's Craftroom

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